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Hands On Support

About Us

“Who We Are”

Hands on Support (Supporting Each Other One Hand At A Time) is a nonprofit organization that provides personal and intentional hands on support to people who are grieving the loss of a loved one. We provide support with resources, services and products that will help the griever mentally, physically, spiritually and intentionally through their grieving process. Although our focus is on grievers who are grieving the loss of a person such as a life partner, spouse, husband or wife ect. The Hands on Support website is not limited to any person that considers themselves a griever. We are here to help any type of griever that is in need of hands on support.  

“Our Reason”

Danielle’s Story
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Danielle Bohannon is the owner of the nonprofit Hands on Support. She started this nonprofit in honor of her husband that she unexpectedly loss in October of 2022. Losing her husband made her notice that there is a great need for help and understanding in this community of grievers. The biggest issue is that there is no specific safe space to go and receive these needs and wants. She also noticed that there is no one personally and intentionally helping the grievers to find the answers that will help them. So, she created this website to be a one stop shop for grievers to come and receive the intentional hands on support that is needed. 

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